About Body Intuitive

East meets West…

What do epigenetics, quantum physics and classical Chinese medicine have in common? They are all central to BodyIntuitive’s innovative approach to healing! BodyIntuitive combines the latest advances in Western science (such as epigenetics, the human microbiome, neuroplasticity of the brain and the mind-body connection) with the wisdom of the ancient, Eastern healing tradition of Chinese Medicine.

21st Century Science

BodyIntuitive has been grounded and enriched with the latest 21st century science – our understanding of the mind-body connection from the discipline of psychoneuroimmunology which describes an integrated communication network of the nervous, endocrine, immune and microbiome systems. BodyIntuitive’s science-informed intuitive approach allows practitioners to work with insights from the latest science on the brain, stress, inflammation, emotions and trauma resolution to address chronic disease.

Classical Chinese Medicine

Profound knowledge and wisdom from the classics can be applied today within the framework of BodyIntuitive’s prioritized approach.  Utilizing time honored methods of classical Chinese Medicine, BodyIntuitive respectfully integrates these traditions into a modern clinical framework through energy-based, needle-free methods of balancing the meridians, organ energy systems, fundamental body substances and activation of specific acupoint configurations.